Welcome to The Maven Life

Hello babes!

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Miranda Woodruff. I am 27 years old, a wife, a fur mama, & social media influencer. I started in this industry end of 2015 with my beauty page The Makeup Maven & since then have built an incredible company of over 630 women in my tribe. I also own an online clothing & accessories boutique Bellawoods which just celebrated its first year in business this year!

The word Maven means “An expert or Connoisseur”. I’ve come to realize that all of us, in our own way, are simply trying to become Mavens of our own life. Learning as we go and gaining knowledge so that we can be the best version of ourselves. The “experts” if you must in how to live, love, treat others, & everything else in between. Will we ever be complete experts in everything? No. But in my opinion seeking ways to improve and be better always helps. I’ve spent majority of my twenties simply learning who I am and trying to learn how to best navigate through life with the cards handed to me. I think we all can relate to that feeling.

I love all things beauty & fashion related & often times find myself simply wanting to share my life experiences with others. There’s nothing I love more than being able to connect with other like minded individuals and help them in any way I can. As a woman I understand how hard life can be. We are constantly giving ourselves to everyone else. Our husbands, kids, families, friends etc. I wanted to be able to create a space that allows others to get a little bit of that “Me time” back. A place to find inspiration whether it be in beauty, fashion, or lifestyle. After all…you can’t pour from an empty cup right? So taking some time to refresh, recharge, and seek inspiration always helps me be the best version of myself. That way I can continue helping those around me. And I hope that’s what this space will bring to you. A space to help you become the Maven of your own life.💕

This blog will be a space where I intend to share my favorite finds and little nuggets of inspiration throughout my own personal journey in life. I’m so happy you have stopped by. Leave a comment & tell me a little bit about yourself! Also please feel free to like & follow to keep up with everything that’s to come here.

Welcome to The Maven Life. 💕
-Miranda Woodruff