SMART Goals & Achieving your Dream Life


I woke up this morning, grabbed my green tea/ coffee (yes I drink BOTH…Im crazy), and started on my personal development. One of the books I’m currently listening to on Audible is “Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-Bs Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business” by Romi Neustadt. In this book she talks about many ways to create an amazing business and thrive. Today’s topic was Goal Setting.¬†Specifically SMART Goal setting. Now if you’re in Business you may be familiar with this concept, but if you’re not or you’re new let me give you a simple break down.

A SMART Goal is considered





Time Bound

I run both an MLM Beauty Based Business as well as my very own Online Boutique built from the ground up…and I can tell you this is 100% true. Majority of the time in my last 3 years in the business world I have noticed so many women, myself included, who simply state a blanket goal out in the open and then….nothing. No mapping, no game plan, no small steps towards this achievement. And then they sit back and wonder why nothing seems to be working? Why they aren’t getting where they want to be? Well how on earth do you expect to reach your destination with no map? It makes no sense, right?

Its so important in business and even in life that we set not only goals for ourselves, but that we map out a game plan of how we will achieve them. Being realistic with our expectations of ourselves & holding ourselves to a higher standard than we did the day before. If you want to BE BETTER you have to BE BETTER. Yes I said that twice. Let it sink in.

My challenge for you today is to sit down and get REAL with yourself. Why is it that you are reaching for the goal that you are? Once you have that down…I want you to, step by step, day by day, (Okay now I’m singing that theme song lol)…list exactly what needs to happen in order to achieve it. Its okay for this plan to evolve. Its okay for your why to change. You simply revisit your game plan every 90, 120, 270 days to see if you’re still on track or if you need to change anything.

How amazing is it that you woke up today with a new opportunity to get closer to what it is you’re trying to achieve?! And if you’re not excited about that…it may be time to reevaluate your why and find something that does get you excited! Something that gets you out of bed in the morning pumped for new perspective. Pumped for a new chance to make change. We are so limited here with our time. So lets make it count…..and make shit happen!

I have linked a pdf file that I shared with my Beauty Community (Kudos to Pinterest & Happy Organized Life) for SMART Goal setting. Download it  here.

Your goals don’t have to stay dreams. You can make them a reality. You just have to be willing to DO what needs to be done.

Happy goal setting Mavens.


The Maven Life